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#6 new enhancement

Incorporate "damage types" as well as damage resistace and damage vulnerability into the ruleset.

Reported by: JohnD Owned by: Mario Butter
Priority: minor Component: Ruleset
Version: Keywords: Damage Types, Resistance, Vulnerability


Allow for bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, magic, poison, adamantine, silver, etc.... properties to be assigned to attack types (weapons, spells, etc... this is not an inclusive list but should be sufficient to illustrate the essence of what is being asked for).

Add properties or effects which allow damage resistance or vulnerability to be added to PCs and NPCs/creatures reflecting the above properties.

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comment:1 Changed 7 months ago by Mario Butter

My biggest issue with this is that, as far as I know, "damage types" are not part of the Castles and Crusades rules. I don't even find them mentioned in the Castle Keeper's Guide as optional rules. There might be a need for some limited support to allow effects for spells, but without actual rules in the game system, we would just be applying some "house rules" which are non-canon. Let's discuss and see if we can come to some agreement on a minimum level of support, possibly laying groundwork to easily add house rules as extensions on top of the ruleset.

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