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#7 new enhancement

Improve Spells tab functionality.

Reported by: JohnD Owned by: Mario Butter
Priority: major Component: Ruleset
Version: Keywords: Spells Tab Functionality


Spells tab functionality needs to be improved in the following ways:

  1. Enhance so that spell effects (cast, saves, damage, effects) are listed with each spell as appropriate. Use any of 3.5e/Pathfinder/Classics/5e as a template for what this request refers to. This would remove the need for creating custom "weapons" on the Combat tab to automate things like Cure Light Wounds, Magic Missile, Fireball, etc....
  1. Better handling of characters that get spells from more than one class - the Cleric/Mage? is a prime example. Arcane and Divine spells should not be intermingled and mixed together - they should each have their own distinct section if applicable, including separate sections to indicate how many spells of each level in each class can be memorized.
  1. Related to 2 above, allow for "inherent spell-like abilities" to also be placed on the Spells tab. This could include things like race or class abilities or advantages like Apprentice Bolt.

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